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This programme is designed in such a way which gives world class standardized curriculum to learn basics of English language, spoken part, basic writing skills, Listening skills and interview preparation.

This programme is designed in blended learning mode which utilized the ultimate potential of online learning and classroom learning mode.

 To become a partner you need:

  Business Wisdom.
  Academic Flavor.
  Working Internet Connection.
  Minimum 10 Tablet Chairs.
  A Minimum of 250 Sq. ft. Area.
  Headphones, Projector(optional)
  3 Computers with 2GB RAM, 2.9 GHZ Dual Core/Core 2 duo/i3 Processor, 120 GB Hard Disk.

 Business Partner’s Registration fee (As per Norms – One Time , Non Refundable)

 Certification Fee (As Per Norms).

 Business Partner’s Share in Fee (As Pert Norms).

 Duration: This programme is distributed in 90 hrs. Candidate needs to complete 50 hrs. in online mode of learning and rest are devoted 40 hrs. for practical exercises in classroom mode.

 For partnership registration: please contact: partner@oxfordonline.in OR call on 9352415618/48

 Apply online:Partnership Registration form